How to Add an Item to the Course Menu

You can add various items to your Course Menu as a link. The link is divided into three types:

New Pages
  • Content Area – Creates a new, blank page where you can add files, folders and other content items. Example: Course Content page.
  • Module Page – Creates a page to which you can add built in Blackboard modules. Example: Resources Dashboard.
  • Blank Page – Creates a blank, html like page.
  • Tool Link – Creates a link to a built-in Blackboard tool. Example: Groups.
  • Web Link – Creates a link  to any webpage.
  • Course Link – Creates a link to a specific item in the course.
Organizational Elements
  • Sub header – Creates a text header to help organize the Course Menu. Example: The Course Resources, Course Material, Course Activities and Course Communication headers in the Course Menu.
  • Divider – Adds a horizontal line to the Course Menu which can be moved to help organize the Course Menu.


  1. To add a tool link, hover over the + icon at the top of the course menu until the drop-down options appear
  2. Select Tool Link .
  3. Select a Type from the drop down menu
  4. In the “Name” field, enter a name.  Then, select Available to Users.
  5. Click Submit.

This image is for the tutorial steps 1 to 5.