Make Accepting Video Assignments Easier with OneDrive

A video assignment may be a new experience for you or your students. Using OneDrive can reduce uncertainty for students submitting and streamline grading.

Instruct students to upload their videos to OneDrive instead of having them submit a large video file in Blackboard. Students can submit a link to the video where you can watch in OneDrive without downloading (saving time by not waiting to download multiple large files). Students can also view the video from OneDrive to confirm that the video is working.

This will also save space when archiving your blackboard course. Courses with over 8GB of content cannot be restored if needed. Large student assignment video files can put your course over the 8GB limit.

Copy or link to the following instructions in your video assignments to help students with uploading and sharing videos with OneDrive: How to Submit a Video Assignment in Blackboard Using OneDrive


Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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