Teams Meetings Quick Start Guide

Online meetings with Teams can be used to host lectures, discussions, or office hours.

You can access Teams using and clicking on Office365.

How to Log into UH Office 365

In this guide:

  • Create a Team
  • Share the team code so students can join
  • Schedule an online meeting
  • Share the meeting link
  • Join the meeting
  • Record a meeting
  • Share content
  • Best practices for students

Create a Team

Create a Team for each class section to keep your meetings organized.

  1. Click on the Teams button along the far-left menu in Teams
    1. If you are viewing a Team you will need to click the “Go back to All Teams” button
  2. From the screen that says “Your Teams” click the “Join or create team” button
  3. Click the “Create Team” button
  4. Select Class as the team type
  5. Name the team
  6. Skip adding students (later you will share a code on Blackboard that allows them to join)
  7. The Team is now created

Create a team steps 1 and 2

Share the team code so students can join

  1. Click the “…” icon (More options) next to the team name
  2. Click Manage team
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click Team Code
  5. Click the Generate button
  6. Copy the code that appears
  7. Share the code with your student by pasting the code in a Blackboard Announcement
  8. Instruct students to use the code in Teams to join

share team code steps 1 and 2

share team code steps 3-5

share the team code step 6

Schedule an online meeting

  1. From the Team click the Video camera icon (“Meet now”) in the chat area
  2. Click “Schedule a meeting”
  3. Add a title (For example “Unit 1 Lecture”)
  4. You do not need to add attendees since you will be sharing the meeting link
  5. Set the start and end time
  6. Click the Send button to save the meeting

schedule meeting step 1

schedule meeting step 2

Share the meeting link

  1. After saving a scheduled meeting click on the meeting in the general post area
  2. Copy “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” link from the description
  3. Paste the link in a Blackboard Announcement to your class
  4. Student will click on the link to join the meeting

share link step 1

share link step 2


Join the meeting

  1. From the Class team general chat click on the meeting
  2. Click join
    1. You can also use the link shared to students to join the meeting
  3. Click Join now

Record a meeting

If you would like to record the meeting as a video, please follow these steps. The video will be saved to Microsoft Stream.

  1. Using the meeting controls at the bottom click on “… (More Actions)”
  2. Click start recording
  3. At the end of the meeting click “… (More Actions)” then stop recording
  4. You can access the video in the general posts area

record steps 1 and 2

Share Content

You can share your computer screen or PowerPoint presentations.

  1. In the meeting click the share button on the meeting controls.
  2. You can share your full desktop screen, individual windows, or open PowerPoint files in Teams
    1. To open a power point click Browse
    2. Click upload from my computer
    3. Then select your power point file
    4. This will show the presentation in Teams so you can still see video and chat
    5. Use the on-screen arrows to advance the slides
    6. You can click the eye icon to prevent students from moving through the power point on their own

share content step 1

share content steps 2a and 2b

share content step 2e and 2f

Teams Best Practices for Students

  1. Use a laptop or desktop computer. Having a larger screen will make it easier to see if there is a PowerPoint being shared.
  2. Download the Microsoft Teams application to your computer. The full application allows you to share content on your screen while the web app does not.
  3. Test the meeting link before the meeting begins. From the meeting you can test that your microphone and video are working in the device settings.
  4. If you are not speaking in a meeting mute your microphone to reduce background noise. Remember to unmute to speak.
  5. Try to find a quiet space with reliable internet connection.

test meeting audio

mute microphone

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