How to access Flipgrid

Flipgrid Overview

Flipgrid allows you and your students to communicate by recording video messages. Everyone in the class can see these messages. This can be useful for asynchronous discussions, assignments or projects. Since messages are pre-recorded you don’t have to worry about connectivity issues like in live online video meetings.

Check out the Flipgrid official getting started guide for a quick video tutorial. A step by step tutorial with screenshots is also provided below.

Flipgrid Official getting started guide:

Ideas for how to use Flipgrid in your class:

Log in

Access Flipgrid from the Flipgrid website. Flipgrid can also be found in the all apps section of Office365.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Educator Login.
  3. Click Microsoft Login.
  4. Log in with your

login 1-2

login 3