Flipgrid: How to create a topic and share the link

Create a group for your class

Create a group for your class. Within a group you will create discussion topics that the students can respond to.

  1. Once logged in you should see the Discussion page https://admin.flipgrid.com/manage/discussion.
  2. Click Groups.
  3. Click Create a Group.
  4. Enter your class name for the Group Name.
  5. Optionally you can rename the join code URL that you will share with students.
  6. Student Email should be selected under Add Students.
  7. Click
  8. Add the school email domains: @central.uh.edu, @uh.edu, @cougarnet.uh.edu.
  9. Click
  10. If you have existing Flipgrid topics that you would like duplicated to this new group you can do this now or click Skip for now.
  11. Click Go to Group.

1-3 create group 4-7 create group 8-9 create group 10 create group 11 create group

Add a topic to send and receive videos

  1. From the Discussion page select the group where you want to add a topic. https://admin.flipgrid.com/manage/discussion
  2. Click Add a Topic.
  3. Enter the Topic Title, Prompt, and Recording time limit for a video response.
  4. Optionally enable Video Moderation if you want to review videos and activate them before they become visible to other students in the class.
  5. Click Create Topic.
  6. Click All Set!

add topic 1 add topic 2 add topic 3-5 add topic 6

Share the link

You can use the share button to share a link to a topic or share a link to the group. The topic link will only show that topic. The group link will show all topics within that group. Videos can be viewed by anyone with the link and a uh login. Make sure to share the link only with your class.

  1. Navigate to the Group or Topic you want to share. https://admin.flipgrid.com/manage/discussion
  2. Click the Share button next to the Group/Topic you want to share.
  3. Click
  4. Share that link with your students.

Note: Students should login with Microsoft using their @cougarnet.uh.edu account.

share link 2 share link 3