How to Create a Turnitin Assignment

To create a Turnitin assignment:

  1. From any Course content page, click Assessments > Turnitin Assignments.
  2. From Add Turnitin Assignment options, select Paper Assignment and click Next Step.
  3. Enter Assignment Title and Point Value.
  4. Select Start date, Due date, and Post date.
  5. Select Optional Settings.  On this menu you will want to select the specific combinations of settings as you see fit.
  6. Click Submit.  A “TurnItIn Assignment successfully added” message is shown.
  7. A TurnItIn assignment link is shown in the Course Content
  8. To grade or access students’ paper submissions, click Control Panel > Course Tools > Turnitin Assignments.

This image is for the tutorial steps 1 to 4.
This image is for the tutorial steps 5 to 8.