How to Create Announcements in Blackboard


Announcements are an ideal way to post time-sensitive information critical to course success.

  1. On the Control Panel, click Course Tools and select Announcements.
  2. Select Create Announcement.
  3. Enter a Subject, which appears as the title of the announcement.
  4. Enter your message which you can include text, images, and multimedia.
  5. In the “Web Announcements Options” section, you have an option to restrict the announcement by date.
    • If you choose Not Date Restricted, the announcement is visible until you remove it.
    • If you choose Date Restricted, select the Display After and Display Until check boxes to enable the date and time selections. Provide the date and time restriction settings.
  6. Select the Email Announcement check box to send students an email containing the announcement.  However, the email is still sent to students even if this option is not selected.
  7. In the “Course Link” section, you have an option to add course content. Select Browse to link to a course area, tool, or item.

Note: Links to course content won’t appear in the email announcement if you choose to send one.

  1. Select Submit. A new announcement is created.

Note: If you don’t have an “Announcements” link in the Course Menu, you need to add one for students to view the announcements you created.  How to Add a Link to the Course Menu


This image is for the tutorial steps 1 to 2.

This image is for the tutorial steps 3 to 7.

This image is for the tutorial step 8.