How to Create Self-Enroll Groups

If you want students to do the self-enroll in their desired groups, you need to create the groups first.

  1. From Control Panel, select Users and Groups, and click Groups.
  2. Click Create to show the option.  Under “Group Set,” select Self-Enroll.
  3. On “Create Self-Enrollment Group” page, enter the name and a description of the group.
  4. In “Group is visible to students” section, keep the default setting Yes or select the option you desired.
  5. In “Tool Availability” section, select tools you want available to the group.
  6. In “Sign-up Options” section, enter a name and instructions for the group sign-up sheet.
  7. Enter the maximum number of group members.
  8. Check the check box to Show Members if you allow students to see names of other members in a group before they sign up.
  9. Check the check box to Allow Students to sign-up from the Groups listing page.
  10. Enter the number of groups.
  11. Click Submit. The groups are created.  Next, you need to make the sign up sheet available to students who can select the group they want to join.
Note:  After creating the self-enroll groups, you need to make the sign-up sheet available to students. How to Make the Sign-Up Sheet Available to Students
This image is for the tutorial steps 1 to 5.
This image is for the tutorial steps 6 to 11.