How to Delete (Unneeded) Files in Blackboard Content Collection


  1. Log in to Blackboard and go into your course.
  2. Under Content Collection in the left-hand navigation, click on the Course title and ID.
  3. If having multiple pages in your course’s Content Collection, click arrow to move between pages or select Show All.
  4. Locate a duplicated or unneeded file. select the action link next to the file name and select 360oview to check if the file is in use.
  5. Scroll down the page to the “Links” section. It will tell you if and/or where a file is linked in the course.
  6. Check the box next to the file you wish to delete.
  7. Click Recycle button.
  8. A pop-up box will appear for you to confirm the deletion. Click OK.
  9. A message “Success: Items move to Recycle Bin” will show at the top.


This image is for the tutorial steps 2-3.
This image is for the tutorial steps 4-5..
This image is for the tutorial steps 6-9..


Note:  If you begin to delete a file that is linked without checking the 360° view, you will see the following warning message.  You can cancel the Delete action if you want to retain the file.

This image is for the tutorial step 9 - note.