How to Prevent Images not Loading in Blackboard Exam

Some students might experience the issue with images not loading properly or at all while taking a Blackboard exam.  This issue is commonly attributed to students having a low internet bandwidth connection.  If you will use images in multiple exam questions, the following 2 recommendations might provide a better outcome.


Recommendation 1:  Compressing image size

Compress your image to a smaller file such as less than 100 KB so it can be loaded quickly even with a lower bandwidth connection.


Recommendation 2:  Showing one question at a time

In the Blackboard test presentation settings, the default setting is to present test questions “all at once”.  As a result, the web browser must load all images which may take a while or not show at all.  You can change the default setting to present questions “one at a time”.

image of show-question-once-a-tine


Final Note:

If the image is still not displayed after applying these 2 recommendations, students have these 2 options.

  1. Move to the previous or next question. Then revisit the question which has the issue of loading images.
  2. Students can exit the exam, restart their computer, and log back to the exam. In order for students to return the progressing exam, do not select “Force Completion” in the test settings.

image of force completion setting