How to Request a Blackboard Course

    1. Login to
    2. Click on the Blackboard TA & Course Requests icon to access the course request system.
    3. The courses listed are assigned to you according to Peoplsoft. Click on the course ID.
      Note:  If they do not see the course after you log in, usually it means Peoplesoft hasn’t attached your name to the course yet.  But you can still request any course by clicking “Here” and search for it.
    4. If applicable, click “Yes” to combine the course with another section. Then click the Select a Course to Merge button and find your other course section.  Otherwise leave it set to “No” for a single course.
    5. If you are creating a blank shell click the Starting template radio button and select a template from the drop down list, if desired.
    6. If you are copying a course from a previous semester, click the Copy from my previous course radio button and select the course you want to copy from the drop-down list.
    7. In the Special Instructions field, enter any additional information as necessary, e.g. load students early, make the course available before the first day of the semester, etc. Please enter a specific date if you want students loaded early.
      Note:   By default, students will be loaded 5-6 days before the start of the semester.  After students are loaded, they can access your course.  If your course is not ready, you can make the course not available.  See the tutorial.
    8. Click “Continue.”
    9. On the Review Request screen, review the information and click “Submit Request.”  You will immediately receive an email that your request was received. Then another email within 48 hours that the course is ready in Blackboard.
      Note: The subject line of both emails will begin with, “UH Blackboard Communication,” and will be sent from

This image is for the tutorial step 3.
This image is for the tutorial step 3.
This image is for the tutorial steps 4 to 8.
This image is for the tutorial step 9.