How to Set up a Test that pulls Questions Randomly from a Question Pool

If you administer quizzes or tests using question pools, you may want to have Blackboard pull only a certain number of questions from the pool (e.g. the pool has 100 questions and you want your students to answer 25). You can create a quiz and add to it a random question block. This will present each student with a predetermined number of randomly selected questions.

Before you begin, you will need to first create question pools.  How to Create Question Pools.   Please note that many publishers tests come with  question pools.  When creating any quiz in Blackboard, keep in mind the Best Practices to Avoid System Crashes.

Part 1: Creating the Test

1. From any content page, click Assessments and select Test.
2. On the “Create Test” page, click the Create button.
3. On the “Test Information” Page, add a Name for the test and any description or instructions necessary to communicate to the student about the test.
4. Click Submit.

This image is for the tutorial Part 1 steps 1 to 4.

Part 2: Adding Questions to the Test

1. On the “Test Canvas” page, click Reuse Question tab, and select Create Random Block.
2. Select the Pool from which you want to pull questions.
3. Select specific question types, if desired.
4. Click Submit. The Test Canvas page will show the Random Block has been added.
5. Click in the Number of Questions to Display field.
6. Enter the number of questions you want to pull from the pool for each student and click Submit. Change the points given for each question.
7. Click OK. You will be returned to the Create Test page.

This image is for the tutorial Part 2 steps 1 to 4.
This image is for the tutorial Part 2 steps 5 to 7.

Part 3: Deploying the Test

1. From the “Add Test” section, select the test you just created.
2. Click Submit.
3. Determine the test options (availability, due date, number of attempts allowed, etc.) and click Submit.
4. The newly created test is added to the content page.