How to Setup WebDAV with Blackboard Course

If instructors want to upload multiple files/folders to Blackboard content collection quickly, they can setup WebDAV or a web folder.  When WebDAV is setup, all of your course files can be managed from your desktop, dragging in content from multiple drives and folders and organizing it as needed. Also, files can often be edited directly in the web folder, without downloading them, editing them, and uploading them again.

  1. In Control Panel, click on “Content Collection,” and select a course.
  2. In the Content Collection, select “Set Up Web Folder.”
  3. Copy the URL list in the “Current Web Address.”
  4. At your desktop computer, click Search icon and type “This PC.”
  5. At This PC folder, right-click mouse to show the options, and choose the “Add a network location.
  6. When the “Welcome to the Add Network Location Wizard” screen shown, select “Next.”
  7. The “Choose a Custom Network Location” is highlighted, and select “Next.”
  8. In the box below the “Internet or Network Address”, paste the URL from step 3. Select “Next.
  9. Enter your Blackboard Learn login information (CougarNet ID and password).
    Note: If you select to remember your credentials, it will autofill your credentials the next time you access the drive
  10. Type in the name you would like to see when you access the WebDAV folder. Select “Next.
  11. Select “Finish” when your network location was created successfully.  You will see a folder you named in step 10 shown under This PC.

This image if for the tutorial steps 1 to 3.
This image if for the tutorial steps 4 to6
This image if for the tutorial steps 7 to 11.