How to Submit a Video Assignment in Blackboard Using OneDrive

Quick summary of instructions

  • Go to > Microsoft 365 > OneDrive.
  • Upload your video file.
  • Copy the shareable link (Set anyone with the link can view, but not edit).
  • In the Blackboard assignment click the “Write Submission” button.
  • Paste the link and submit.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Once you have finished recording and/or editing your video make sure it is saved/exported as an .mp4 file.
  2. Go to and log in.
  3. Click Microsoft 365. Sign in using “” but replace “yourcougarnet” with your own actual cougarnet id, and your cougarnet password.
  4. Click on the OneDrive.
  5. Click Upload and select Files.
  6. Select your video file and open.
  7. When the file is finished uploading, select it by clicking the checkmark on the left.
  8. Then click Share from the top menu.
  9. Click People you specify can view to change who can access the link.
  10. Select Anyone with the link.
  11. Make sure Allow editing is not checked.
  12. Click Apply.
  13. Click Copy Link.
  14. In the Blackboard Assignment Click Write Submission.
  15. Paste your video link into the text box.
  16. Click Submit.

2-4 log into OneDrive

Step 5 select upload then files

Step 6 select file and open

Steps 7 and 8 select file and click share

Steps 9 through 13 link settings and copy link

Step 14 blackboard write submission

Steps 15 and 16 paste link and submit