How to Use the Zoom Meeting Scheduler Tool in Blackboard

Scheduling a Zoom meeting can now be done within your Blackboard course provided you have a UH Zoom account. You can add the tool to your Blackboard course to schedule and start meetings. Students can also use the tool to join the meeting.

Note:  To purchase a UH Zoom account, click this Zoom price information,
and to learn how to use Zoom in general, please see these tutorials.

  1. Select the content area where you want to add the Zoom tool. This is where you’ll go to schedule and this is also where students will go to join the meeting.
    Note: It can be in course content or its own designated folder or content area. Make sure it is easy to find for your students.
  2. At the top the content area, select Tools tab to show the list.
  3. Click More Tools. (This menu item is at the bottom of the list. You may have to scroll to see it.)
  4. Click Zoom Meeting Scheduler.
  5. In the “Link Name” field, rename the link if you wish. Then click Submit.
  6. The link to the Zoom Meeting Scheduler will now be in the content area. You can reorder where it appears if you wish.
  7. Click on the “Zoom Meeting Scheduler” link.
  8. You will be taken to the Zoom tool. If this is your first time you may have to sign in to your UH Zoom account.
  9. Click “Schedule a New Meeting.”
  10. The topic or meeting title will be pre-populated with your course title. Enter the settings for your meeting and click Save.
  11. The meeting is now saved. You can use the same Zoom Meeting Scheduler link in your course content area to access the meeting and start the meeting. Students can use the link in the course content area to see the scheduled meeting and join. Note: The meeting is not added to your Blackboard or Outlook calendars.

2-4 add zoom tool 5 create link 6-7 zoom link 8-9 schedule new meeting 10 meeting topic 10 save meeting 11 start meeting