How to view your Course Accessibility Report in Blackboard

The Accessibility Report shows your course’s overall accessibility score, and all document accessibility issues in one place. Click on a document to learn how to fix the issue and improve your overall course accessibility score.

How to access and use the Accessibility Report

  1. From the Course Management menu select Course Tools > Accessibility Report.
  2. The Course accessibility score is based on the accessibility of your course content. The fewer accessibility issues in your content, the higher the score.
  3. The report organizes content in the following views to help you identify accessibility issues and fix them.
    1. All course content sorted by accessibility score
    2. Content with the easiest issues to fix
    3. Low scoring content
    4. Content organized by accessibility issue type
  4. Each piece of content will have its own accessibility score. Click on the document to get an explanation of the issue and how to fix it.

If you have any questions on how to fix an accessibility issue,  please reach out to an instructional designer.

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1 course tools accessibility report 2-3 3 accessibility report 3 4 Remaining issues

4 low scoring content

4 how to fix