Teams: “Recording failed to upload to Stream” Work-around

Instructors are reporting they cannot share their Teams recordings to STREAM. Instead, after the meeting ends, they are prompted to download the recording (.mp4 file).  See the example of the message:

“Recording failed to upload to Stream.
Download (expires in 20 day(s))”

Recording failed to upload to Stream - Download (Expires in 20 days)

If you do not see the recording you may have to show the replies under your scheduled meeting in the Team channel.

UIT is working with Microsoft to resolve the problem. Until then, please download your recording as directed, and follow the instructions provided in the link to manually upload the file to Stream to get a URL to share with students.

Make sure to leave the video as either viewable by the entire organization or enable viewing by your class(es).

How to add your class/section group to the permission list for a video