TP Web: How to Create Poll Questions in PowerPoint

If you want to add poll questions into your PowerPoint file, you can upload it into TurningPoint Web first.  Then, add the poll questions between your PowerPoint slides.

  1. Log in to your TurningPoint account.
  2. Under the “Active Courses” section, locate the desired course and click Select.
  3. In the Content tab, click Create Content.
  4. Enter a name for content. Then select Create.
  5. Click drop-down arrow next to Create.
  6. Under the “Content” section, click Upload PowerPoint

Note 1: PowerPoint slides are converted images to display during live session.  File size is limited to 99 MB.
Note 2: “Text” option allows you to add non-question content into your presentation.  You can use text or upload images and videos.

  1. Select a PowerPoint file from your computer. Select Open.
  2. PowerPoint will begin uploading with a message.
  3. To add polling questions in PowerPoint, click drop-down arrow next to Create.
  4. Select a question type.
  5. Enter question text in the field provided.
  6. Enter answer text in the field provided.
    Note 1: Answer choices for short answer must be separated by a comma, semicolon, colon, or hard return. You can also enforce capitalization from the Options pane.
    Note 2:  In “Numeric Response” question, the answer can be a fixed value or a range.
  7. Mark the correct answer by clicking the toggle switch.
  8. Click + Add Answer Choice if you want to add more answer choices.
    Note: To delete an answer choice, select the trash icon.
  9. In the “Optionssection, enter points for this question. You can turn the other options on if you wish to.
  10. Click Save.
  11. To create more questions, click + Add and select a question type.
  12. If you would like to change the order of the questions, click the three dots and select Move Up or Move Down.


This image for the tutorial steps 2-4.

This image for the tutorial steps 9-16.

This image for the tutorial steps 17-18.