TP Web: How to run PowerPoint Polling

  1. Login to your TurningPoint account.
  2. Under the Active Courses section, locate the desired course and click Select.
  3. When you start a session, a session ID will be automatically generated if you do not have a reserved session ID. Students need this Session ID to join the poll.
    a. To reserve a session ID, click on the setting icon on the toolbar prior to running your  presentation.
    b. Click + Add new reserved session ID, enter your desired ID.
    c.  Click Save.
  4. In the “CONTENT” page, find one presentation you want to run the poll and click the three dots.
  5. Click
  6. A screen displaying the Title and Session ID will appear.
  7. Click Start Session.
  8. Click Show Results and select your desired option for the polling results.

Note: The Show Results options can be changed at any time during polling.

  1. Click Play icon to start polling.
    a. Click Stop icon to stop polling.
    b. Click Forward icon to move to the next slide.
  2. Click End Session when done.


This image for the tutorial steps 2-3c.
This image for the tutorial steps 4-7.
This image for the tutorial steps 8-10..