How to Add a TA or Co-instructor to your Blackboard Course

  1. To add a TA/Instructor in Blackboard Login to and click on the “Blackboard Request Access” icon to access the course request system. Alternatively, you can log into the Course Request System directly,
  2. Click on ADD TA/Instructor at the top of screen.
  3. Click the course(s) you would like to add a TA to and Continue.
  4. Click on the Begin Search button.
  5. Enter the name or PSID of the person you want to add. Then click on the Search button.
  6. Select the person and the answer questions regarding access.
  7. IMPORTANT: A confirmation email will be sent to you. Click on the link to confirm your TA request.
    Note. After you click on the confirmation link in the email, the TA/Instructor will be added to your course within 4-6 hours.

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