Restricting participant access in Microsoft Teams Meetings

By default, everyone who joins your meeting has presenter access. Use Meeting Options to control who can share content in a meeting and reduce the risk of uninvited guests or content.

You can access the Meeting Options by editing a scheduled meeting. You can also access Meeting Options during the meeting in Show Participants or More Actions. The steps below will demonstrate how to get to Meeting Options by editing a scheduled meeting. For more information on the other ways to get to Meeting Options see Microsoft’s Participant Settings Guide.

Part 1: Set Attendee Access

  1. In the Teams Calendar click on the scheduled meeting.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Click Meeting options.
  4. The Meeting options page will open in your internet browser.
  5. Set “Who can bypass the lobby?” to People in my organization.
  6. Set “Who can present?” to Only me.
  7. Click Save

schedule meeting options steps 1-2

scheduled meeting options step 3

scheduled meeting options steps 4-7

Part 2: Give Attendee the Presenter Access

If you follow the steps in Part 1 everyone that joins the meeting will be an attendee. If you want an attendee to share, you can make that attendee a presenter.

  1. While in the meeting click Show participants.
  2. Hover over the name you want to give access.
  3. Click the More options ellipses.
  4. Select Make a presenter.
  5. Click Change in the box that appears.

Note:  You can follow the same steps to make a presenter an attendee.

make presenter step 1 make presenter step 2-3 make presenter step 4 make presenter step 5