Tool Spotlight: Immersive Reader

With the Immersive Reader tool, you can make Word documents easier to read without changing the original formatting. Immersive Reader removes unnecessary user interface elements and allows you to adjust how the text is displayed. The tool can also read text aloud to you. This can help with accessibility for people with learning disabilities, visual impairments, or people learning English.

Immersive Reader is available in Microsoft Office products including but not limited to: Word, OneNote, and Edge Browser.

Word Desktop: From the top menu in word go to View > Learning Tools. There you can adjust column width, page color, text spacingshow words as syllables or have the text read aloud to you. 

Microsoft Word menu click View then Learning Tools

Learning tools menu: Column Width, Page Color, Text Spacing, Syllables, Read Aloud

Word for the web has a few more settings and is accessed by going to View > Immersive Reader. 

Microsoft Word menu click View then Immersive Reader

Immersive Reader view of text and settings

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