Technologies available for student digital assignments

This guide provides instructors with an overview of some technologies available for digital-based student assignments. The technologies are categorized below as Blogs/Websites, Audio/Podcasts, and Video. If you have any questions, please contact an instructional designer.

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Blogs or websites can used for written reflections and incorporate other mediums such as audio or video. The website builders listed below allow for easy creation and no coding required.

Blackboard Blogs

The Instructor will have to set up this blog for the course. Students post their own content that others in the class can view and comment. The pages will not be visible publicly outside of the Blackboard course.

Learn more about Blackboard Blogs

Wix and WordPress

Wix and WordPress are website builders that offer a free version and are easy to learn. Students can simply create an account and start building. These websites will be publicly visible.

Learn more about Wix

Learn more about WordPress

Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway can be used to create online presentations in your browser. These presentations can then be shared via a link. Sway is included in your UH Microsoft 365 account.

Learn more about Microsoft Sway

Audio (Podcasts)

Here are tools for recording and editing audio. Students should plan their recording and have a script or outline ready.


Audacity is a free software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It allows recording and editing. After recording and editing in Audacity, you can export a .mp3 or.wav file that can be shared.

Learn more about Audacity


Anchor is a podcasting app for your Web Browser, Android, or iOS. You can record, edit, and distribute podcasts publicly for free.

Learn more about Anchor


Here are tools for recording and editing video. Students should plan their recording and have a script or outline ready.

Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream allows web cam, microphone, and screen recording from your internet browser. There is a 15-minute limit for recording in the browser. The videos are hosted in Stream and can be shared within UH (UH login required to view.) Videos recorded elsewhere can also be uploaded in and hosted in Stream. Microsoft Stream is available in your UH Microsoft 365 account.

Learn more about Microsoft Stream

Zoom or Microsoft Teams Meeting Recording

Set up a Zoom or Team meeting and use the record function to record webcam video, audio, and screen share. The video will be saved as an .mp4 file that can be shared.

Learn more about Zoom recording

Learn more about Teams recording

Video Editing

Video editing software allows you to combine multiple video recordings into one, trim out unwanted scenes, add music or voice over, and more. Windows 10 has a built-in video editing software called “Video Editor” and MacOS has “iMovie.”

Learn more about Windows Video Editor

Learn more about iMovie

Video/Audio File Sharing

Video and Audio file sizes are often very large and can’t be emailed. It is also not recommended to upload video or audio files into Blackboard. Use Microsoft One Drive to store the file and you can create a shareable link that someone can use to play the file. The following tutorial shows how to upload to OneDrive and generate the shareable link.

How to Submit a Video Assignment in Blackboard Using OneDrive

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