Blackboard-to-Canvas Tool Comparison

The guide below lists the commonly used tools in Blackboard and their equivalents in Canvas. Please note that although some of the terminology may be the same, the tools may function differently in Canvas.

Category Blackboard Canvas What is different in Canvas?
Course Management Home, Course List Dashboard, Courses Published and Unpublished courses are listed separately.
  Make Course Available Publish The Publish button is available on the course home page. It disappears after students have submitted an assignment.
  Customization Settings Access to different options is available on the same page.
  Alerts Notifications Students can choose how to receive notifications.
  Not available Profile Instructors and students can upload files to their profile.
  Not available History Instructors and students can view a list of recent course page views.
Enrollments Users People Additional features, such as, group enrollments and analytics are available.
Content Creation Syllabus Syllabus + Course Summary Course summary shows all published and unpublished assignments in a chronological order.
  Item Pages Pages allow in-course linking and drag-and-drop attachments.
  Content Folder/ Learning Modules Modules Pre-requisites and Requirements can be added to a module.
  Build Content>Video Studio Instructors and students can share and collaborate using video and audio files.
Communication Announcements Announcements


Instructors can allow students to reply and “like” announcements.
  Email/Messages Inbox (Conversations) Messages get posted within Canvas and are sent to user’s UH email.
  Calendar Calendar Calendar automatically syncs with course summary.
  Not available Chat This tool allows instructors and students to interact in real time.
Collaboration Groups Groups Easy navigation for creating and maintaining groups is available.
Discussion Board Discussions Instructors can require students to post before viewing other students’ replies.
Assessments Assessments Quizzes Quizzes offer quizzes and surveys.
  Survey Quizzes (Graded or Ungraded Surveys) Graded and ungraded survey options are available under Quizzes.
  Assignment Assignments Assignment type includes No Submission, Online, On Paper, External Tool.
  Rubrics Rubrics Rubrics allows you to import Outcomes.
  Not available Attendance Attendance feature can be used as part of course grade by adding the Roll Call assignment.
  Not available Outcomes Outcomes can be set for each course based on pedagogical goals and objectives.
Grades Grade Center Grades SpeedGrader allows quick access to several tools for grading and adding feedback using audio or video. Students can assign themselves hypothetical “what if” grades.
  Evaluation New Analytics Instructors can track average course grades for student submissions using an interactive chart, graph, or table.
File Storage Content Collection Files Instructors can lock files and folders so they can be viewed on a specific date or viewed only by a direct link.
Support Help Help Users have access to Canvas Guides and can also report a problem or submit a feature idea.