How to Access Your Class Teams

If you have not requested a Class Teams, you can follow this tutorial, How to request a Canvas/Teams course.

  1. Login to your UH Office 365.
  2. Select the Teams icon on the left navigation bar.
  3. On the Teams menu, click Teams
  4. Locate and select your Class Teams.
    Note: If you can’t see your Class Teams, contact or Andy Moon,
  5. In “General’ Channel, click “Activate” for students to join the Class Teams.
    Note: Students will be loaded 5-7 days before first day of session.  If you do not see students, contact or Andy Moon,
  6. Click Activate button when an Activate team message shows.
  7. Click OK button when a message “Your team is now active” shows.
  8. Click 3 dots next to the course name, and select Manage team.
  9. In “Members” tab, you can see the students’ information under the “Members and guests” section.
    Note: Since students’ roster synchronizes automatically, do not add students manually.

for the tutorial steps 2-4.
for the tutorial steps 5-7.
for the tutorial steps 8-9.