How to Download Attendance Report in Teams

If you have organized a Teams meeting, you can save a record of who has attended it, but you need to save this information before you end the meeting.  Again, only meeting organizers can download attendance reports. This option is not available to other attendees.


  1. During the meeting, select Show participants icon.
  2. Click (more options) next to the “Participants” and choose Download attendee list.
    Note:  This report will download as a .CSV file that can be opened in Excel.
  3. To access this file, go to your computer and select “Downloads,” and find a file named “meeting AttendanceList” which contains the name, join time, and leave time of all meeting attendees.
    Note:  If attendees join a meeting before the organizer, their join times will match the time that the organizer joined the meeting.

This image is for the tutorial steps 1-3.