How to Modify Font & Size in Respondus for Accommodation

Respondus software uses the default font and font size when publishing exam questions to Blackboard.  However, when students need special accommodation for a different font or size in exam questions, instructors can use the following steps to modify font or size.   


  1. In Respondus, click Start tab, and select Open to open a Respondus file. 
  2. Click File tab and select Preferences. 
  3. Select Edit & Publish tab. 
  4. Select the radio button Use font below in place of LMS font when publishing.  
  5. Select font and font size you prefer.   
  6. Select OK. 
  7. Click Preview + Publish tab, and select Preview the File.   
  8. The change of font and size is applied to all questions and answers.   


This image is for the tutorial steps 1-6.

This image is for the tutorial steps 7-8.

Note:  If the instructor does not see the change in questions or answers, s/he might import exam questions from the Word file that has the special font format.  Therefore, s/he needs to use the following instruction to clear all formatting in Word file. 

  1. Open the exam Word file.  Press Ctrl + A keys to select the entire document.  
  2. Click Home tab and select “Clear All Formatting” icon.   
  3. Save the file.  Then, import exam questions to Respondus again.   

This image is for the tutorial steps 1-2.