How to Review Test Videos with Respondus Monitor

After students have completed a test with Respondus Monitor you can review the video recorded during the test for each student. Students with a high review priority will be flagged for easy identification.

Warning:  If students with high review priority due to the low facial detection, you can check students’ test duration first.   Tests that take less than 1 minute often get flagged as “high.” This situation most likely occurs in the Practice Exam.  In addition to the short test duration, the low facial detection can be flagged in the following conditions.

  • Low light
  • Busy background or the background is brighter than the face of the students (lights/lamps/window even small ones, shining behind them)
  • People walking behind
  • Low video quality
  • Too close to the camera
  • Movement in the background
  • The student’s face is turned away from the webcam or heavily cropped in the video (e.g., you can only see the student’s nose and above)
  1. In Canvas click LockDown Browser from the course navigation. Note: If the you may need to add LockDown Browser to the course navigation by going to Settings > Navigation.
  2. Find the test you want to review, click the action link (Chevron icon), and select Class Results.
  3. Click the plus icon next to the student you want to review.
  4. Review the flags noted. Hover the mouse over explain to learn why the video was flagged.
  5. Click the Milestones checkbox to see different timestamps in the video that you click on to start the video from that point.
  6. Click Add Notes to write notes for yourself about the video.
  7. Below the video are the student photo, student id photo, environment video, pre exam, and exam start.
  8. When finished reviewing you can mark the video as reviewed by clicking the circle icon in the Reviewed column of the table.

steps 1-2 ldb course nav class results



Step 3 select student

steps 4-7 review controls

step 8 reviewed checkbox