Turnitin’s New AI Detector Score

Turnitin has released an AI detector score that has been added to the current grading features (below the Similarity Report). At this time, only instructors can see the AI detection score; students do not see the score even if the instructor enables them to see the similarity report.

According to the company, the Turnitin AI detector can detect if a student’s submission has AI-generated content with 98% confidence. Turnitin most likely will adjust the AI detector as advances are made in AI (such as with the popular ChatGPT), however, AI is developing at such a rapid pace that instructors should accept the AI detector score with some skepticism since false positive results are possible. As a rule of thumb, instructors may want to review and investigate any submission with an AI score over 90%, but during this roll-out period which goes through the end of 2023, only the similarity report should be considered if you suspect the submission has plagiarized content.

Please note that the first time you attempt to grade a submission Turnitin will prompt you with a pop-up “tour” of the product, but you may miss out on some valuable resources if you just dismiss it. Within the tour, Turnitin has references to the company’s own assignment checklist and rubric that some may find helpful for designing assignments that may deter the use of AI-generated submissions.

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Turnitin AI Detector FAQs page

Below is a short video on where the instructors can find the AI detector score. The second video demonstrates that students do not see the AI detection score.

Instructor View:

Student View: