How to Edit Captions on YouTube Video

After generating automatic captions in your YouTube videos, you may need to edit or remove any parts that have not been transcribed correctly. You can use the captions editor to make changes to the texts and time codes of your captions.
Note: If you have not generated the automatic captions in your video, view the “How to Generate Automatic Caption in YouTube Video” tutorial. 

  1. Log into your YouTube account. 
  2. Click your account picture in the top right corner.
  3. Select Creator Studio.
  4. Click Video Manager on the left side. It will show all the videos you have uploaded.
  5. Click the drop-down arrow next to Edit for the video you want to edit.
  6. Select Subtitles/CC.
  7. Click English (automatic) under the “PUBLISHED” section.
  8. Click Edit.
  9. Click on the caption text you want to edit.
  10. After editing, click Publish edits.
  11. Now, you will see both of “English” and “English (Automatic)” captions listed under “PUBLISHED.” You need to remove the “English (Automatic)” captions. Select English (automatic).
  12. Click Unpublish.
  13. The edited “English” captions is the only caption option to people who view your video.
This image is for the tutorial steps 2 to 6.
This image is for the tutorial steps 7 to 8.
This image is for the tutorial steps 9 to 11.
This image is for the tutorial steps 12 to 13.