How to Setup an Exam with Lockdown Browser and Instructor Live Proctoring

Respondus LockDown Browser (RLB) has an additional remote proctoring option that works with the Zoom and Microsoft Teams video conferencing systems. The new “Instructor Live Proctoring” option uses LockDown Browser to prevent cheating on the computer itself, while an instructor or designee will proctor students in real-time during an online exam.

Note:  This method is only recommended for smaller classes (20-25 students) where instructors can effectively observe and track students during the exam.

Warning: An iPad doesn’t allow you to run a video conferencing app and LockDown Browser at the same time.


How to Conduct Live Proctoring:

  • Provide students the instructions for downloading and installing LockDown Browser. See Lockdown Browser Student Guide.
  • Inform students that LockDown Browser and a video conferencing system will be used with online exams.
  • Schedule an ungraded practice exam so everything can be tried in advance to a real exam (highly recommended.)
  • Create a Zoom or Teams meeting. Distribute the meeting information to students prior to the exam.
  • At the scheduled time, confirm you can see and hear all students in the Zoom or Teams meeting. When ready, provide the start code to students to commence the exam.
  • Remind students the Zoom or Teams meeting will continue to run in the background, enabling you to see and hear them during the exam. However, they will NOT be able to access the video conferencing system during the exam.  The instructor should mute all students’ microphones.
  • Setup a way for students to communicate with you when they have any issues during the exam.
    One suggestion:  The student exits the exam (RLB,) returns to the Zoom (Teams) meeting, and uses the meeting chat to send the message to the instructor immediately. The instructor can respond to the meeting chat or send the student to a meeting breakout room. If the conversation has ended in the breakout room, the instructor needs to bring the student back to the main room. The student can reopen RLB and continue the exam.


  1. Click Course Tools, and select Respondus Lockdown Browser.
    Note: If the “About LockDown Browser” screen is shown, click Continue to LockDown Browser.
  2. Find the Exam you want to use in Lockdown Browser, click the action link (chevron icon), and select Settings.
  3. In the “LockDown Browser Settings,” select Require Respondus Lockdown Browser for this Exam
    Note: Do not setup a password for students to access the exam.  You will enter the start exam code later.
  4. In the “Proctoring,” select Allow instructor live proctoring for this exam (via Zoom, Teams, etc)
  5. Select your video conferencing system from the action link.
  6. Enter start code.
    Note:  The start code prevents students from entering the exam earlier with RLB.
  7. Select “Include additional instructions to student” if you desire.
  8. Click Save + Close.
  9. In the “Tests” column, the “Required Respondus Lockdown Browser” wordings are added after the exam name. In the “Lockdown Browser” column, it shows “Required” word.  In the “Proctoring” column, it shows an instructor with a video conferencing name, for example, Instructor (Zoom.)

This image is for the tutorial steps 1-3.
This image is for the tutorial steps 4 - 9.