Microsoft Stream Video Permissions

How to add your class/section group to the permission list for a video

  1. Sign into your UH Office 365.  See How to log into UH Office 365 tutorial.
  2. Select Stream.
    • Note:  If you do not see the Stream icon, click All Apps.
  3. Click My content tab and select Videos from the drop-down menu.
  4. Scroll to the video you want to edit and click the pencil icon “Update Video Details”.
  5. In the Permissions panel, click the Share with People dropdown menu and select My Groups.
  6. In the “Search for your groups” box enter your course prefix (e.g. ACCT, BIOL, ENGL) and click the magnifying glass icon or Enter on the keyboard to search.
  7. All of your classes matching the search will appear. Select the class you want to give permission to view the video. (Please note the section number.)
    • Note: You can repeat steps 6 and 7 if you would like give permission to additional classes.
  8. The selected class appears in the list of Viewers with only Display access.
  9. Click the Apply button to save.
  10. The class now has access to view the video. Be sure to share the video link with your class.

2 access stream 3 my content videos 4 update video details 5 share with my groups 6 search for class 7 select class 8 9 apply